This specialized technique helps break up fat cells (fat deposits). By using a customized sequence with our cupping method we are able to break up the fat and detox you at the same time by triggering your lymphatic system (yes, it accelerates your weight loss). This treatment also comes with RED LED light therapy  which helps with scar tissue, swelling, inflammation, pain, produces collagen and elastin (helps with skin tightening).
This treatment is also a “maintenance” for clients who have had  Liposuction or a tummy tuck. 

Body Sculpting

1 Session $100

Package of 5 $425



Take care of your skin at home with dermalogica beauty products. Give your skin what it deserves, the best.

Image by Storiès

RELAX with Mila

Relax and turn your home, office, or any room into a private oasis with our hand made candles.